Setup Web Development Workflow On Mac OS

You will need to setup web development workflow for your computer before starting any project. Once you set up this workflow, you can reuse this workflow again and again on many projects you are working with. My main goal to set up this workflow is, developing Magento and WordPress themes. Because both are based on PHP and both need a similar development environment.

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Awesome Code Editor Atom Setup, Packages & Themes

Atom is an open source awesome code editor freely available that you can customize to do your development tasks much easier and faster. It’s pretty easy to customize because Atom having a handful of additional packages and themes. The Atom having a large community and they built thousands of plugins to extend default features. This awesome code editor is developed by Github and Atom is becoming increasingly popular. This code editor is a lightweight, easy to use and extensible by packages also it comes with beautiful themes for UI and syntax editor.

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How to Install NGINX, PHP and MySQL on Mac OS

I recently purchased brand new MacBook Pro and I had to install NGINX, PHP and MySQL in my MacBook Pro. In this article, I am going to share my experience for how to install NGINX, PHP and MySQL on your Mac. This article is for someone interesting to set-up web development environment, especially for the first time.

Reson I choose Nginx over Apache web server is its light-weight resource utilization and its ability to scale easily. Also, Niginx has grown its popularity during last few years. Furthermore, Nginx is often selected by administrators for its resource efficiency and responsiveness under the heavy load.

My MacBook Pro installed Mac OS High Sierra and it was shipped with pre-installed PHP package. So, depending on your web development environment setup, you may need to upgrade default PHP version to the latest version.

Normally, Mac OS X doesn’t ship with its own copy of MySQL. So, you will have to install MySQL on your local machine.

Also, remember this article only explain to install these required packages on your local machine. Alternatively, you can set up similar development environment by using Docker or Vagrant. I will write another post in this regarding.

Now let’s have a look how to install NGINX, PHP and MySQL on Mac OS local environment.

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How to install iTerm2 terminal for Mac OS

I am spending a lot of time on the command line for the daily development work. I decided to install iTerm2 terminal as an alternative terminal for Mac OS because the default terminal app does not offer rich and powerful features to make my development life easier. So I decided to install advanced alternative terminal to replace Mac OS default terminal.

Before you install iTerm2, please refer its features on their website.

If you happy it’s features and power, you can download the iTerm2 from the following link. Alternatively, you can use Homebrew package manager to install this package.

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Ultimate web development toolkit for Mac OS X

In this post, I have put together a ultimate web development toolkit for Mac OS X. These tools will help to set up web development toolkit for your Mac OS X. Some of the tools I mentioned here can be use in MS Windows as well.

Hopefully these lists could help introduce you to the right web development tools, particularly for those of you who are just getting started. When you setup your development environment, don’t forget to install these useful tools. This post will be updated continuously to introduce new and useful tools for web development.

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